A Message from 2023-2024 President Jeff Adelman

Welcome to the Florida Chapters of the American Board of Trial Advocates. I am humbled to be serving as President of FLABOTA for the 2023-2024 year, and am excited to work with an incredible executive board to ensure that all members continue to receive value from their well-earned membership.

Over three years ago, it was unthinkable that we would be doing most hearings, depositions, mediations, and other proceeding through video conferencing like Zoom. Today, this has unquestionably made the practice of law more cost-effective for lawyers and their clients. While there is no going back to the ways we practiced before Covid-19,  some of the collegiality and the relationships with your opposition suffers when your only interaction is through a screen. What can we do to make the practice of law more enjoyable for all of us? Social events, professionalism and relationships are all important to maintaining a healthy justice system, and making us feel proud to be part of this profession. We all need to figure out new ways to adapt to the vast changes to law practice over the past three years from a human perspective, not just what is perceived as “efficient.”

Making the practice more enjoyable for us also serves another critical goal: setting a good example for younger lawyers.  Mentorship is essential to any lawyer’s development, and we need to show younger attorneys the “right way” to conduct themselves. Exposing young practitioners to ABOTA events, CLEs, and communications accomplishes this, and makes them aware that membership in our organization is a worthy  goal for any civil litigator.

As a Communications major during my time at Florida State University, it should not be a surprise that I am huge proponent of technology and its uses in our practices.  I plan on reaching out to all of you frequently via video, our brand new FLABOTA YouTube channel,  the FLABOTA Podcast, email newsletters, and other means of connecting throughout Florida. This includes promoting all circuits to adopt an email alert system similar to what the 17th Circuit in Broward County just established this year through efforts of the Fort Lauderdale Chapter and the Circuit. This will be invaluable when there are court closures due to storms and other emergencies.

In a time when it seems that every issue is politically charged, it’s more important than ever that we commit to preserving an independent judiciary.  ABOTA is a place where judges know that we have their backs when they are facing unfair criticism that they cannot ethically respond to.

If you have any ideas that you would like FLABOTA to consider, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Whether it be social activities, causes you believe ABOTA should be involved with, CLEs, or topics for our new FLABOTA podcast, I want to hear from you.  I look forward to connecting with you throughout the year, and helping continue the ongoing mission of ABOTA: to protect the rights of all to civil jury trial granted by the 7th Amendment.

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