Standing Committees

All standing committee chairs and members shall be appointed by the President, with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors, unless otherwise provided herein. The Standing Committees shall consist of:

The Budget/Long Range Planning Committee, which shall be concerned with proposing a budget for the organization, and looking to the future and setting goals for 5, 10 and 15 years.

The Chapter Relations and Revitalization Committee, which shall be responsible for maintaining regular contact with all ABOTA chapters in Florida to monitor their activities, giving specific attention to smaller and less active chapters, and making specific suggestions for improvement in chapter operations and activities. If appropriate, the committee may recommend new chapter locations. The committee may also identify local chapter activities and projects for chapters to consider implementing.

The Committee to Preserve Florida's Courts, which shall be responsible for furthering the independence, fairness, impartiality, and operation of the judiciary, including, but not limited to, assisting the judiciary with obtaining full funding for the trial court system in Florida. The committee shall also assist Florida ABOTA chapters in setting up programs and activities, such as promoting ABOTA's Juror Bill of Rights and its Protocol for Responding to Unjust Criticism of Judges, and shall promote supportive communication and interaction with the judiciary at all levels. The committee shall also serve as a liaison between FLABOTA and the FLABOTA Legislative and Educational Fund (FLEF), or its successors, and other organizations concerned with issues important to FLABOTA. The committee may from time to time advise the Executive Committee or Board of matters or developments affecting the judiciary that may merit FLABOTA's attention.

The Bar Liaison Committee, which shall be responsible for facilitating FLABOTA's relationship with other bar associations and organizations, and monitoring their activities, in an effort to identify issues and projects in which this organization might consider participating.

The Membership Committee, which shall be responsible for assisting Florida ABOTA chapters in attracting new members, establishing uniform criteria for accepting local chapter nominations for membership, and promoting diversity in membership as an ongoing priority.

The Awards Committee, which shall oversee the nomination of individuals for Trial Lawyer of the Year and Jurist of the Year, and shall make recommendations for other awards as appropriate, such as the Fran Peacock Coker Community Service Award and the Joseph P. Milton Professionalism and Civility Award. Unless otherwise appointed by the President on or before December 1st of each calendar year, the Awards Committee shall consist of the Nominating Committee. The Awards Committee shall render its report to the President and Executive Committee on or before April 10th of each year, or not later than ten (10) days before the meeting at which awards will be voted upon, whichever is earlier.

The History Committee, which shall have the responsibility of archiving the history of FLABOTA through any and all materials, correspondence, minutes, videos and photographs available to guide and inspire. The committee should work to create and update a videotaped interview of all surviving founders and early leaders, and to develop a pictorial archive.

The Nominating Committee, the primary purpose and responsibility of which shall be to recruit nominees for FLABOTA leadership. The immediate past president of FLABOTA shall chair the committee, with the current president serving as vice chair. The committee shall consist of the Executive Committee and four past presidents of FLABOTA, two plaintiff and two defense, who shall have served within the past 10 years and who shall be active on the FLABOTA board as determined by participation in at least 50% of the preceding year's board meetings. The president shall appoint the nominating committee for each year within 90 days of taking office. Before the March meeting of each year, the Nominating Committee shall submit to the President a report containing a nomination for Treasurer, as well as, should it choose, a discussion of potential nominees for the following year. Before the May meeting of each year, with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee, the President shall, by correspondence or email, advise the Board of the committee's nomination.

The ABOTA Foundation Committee, the purpose of which shall be to support and promote the objectives, activities, and funding of the National ABOTA Foundation. The ABOTA Foundation Committee shall be composed of a chair appointed by majority vote of the Executive Committee for a two-year term commencing on August 1st of each even-numbered year. The committee shall consist of one representative from each chapter appointed by the chair, with the advise and consent of the Executive Committee. Members of the ABOTA Foundation Committee shall serve terms co-extensive with that of the chair. The chair shall make appointments to the ABOTA Foundation Committee within 45 days of taking office, and the Executive Committee shall advise and consent to the appointments within ten days of being notified thereof via email. Should the Executive Committee not object to an appointment within the allotted time, provided that the lack of objection to an appointment within 10 days shall be deemed to constitute advise and consent.