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Central Florida Chapter

President: Melvin Wright
Past President: Joseph Amos
President Elect: Christopher Hill
Treasurer: Armando Payas
Secretary: Honorable Patricia Doherty
National Board Representative: Pedro Raul Alvarez, Jr.
Executive Director: Mary Beth McDonald 

Ft. Lauderdale Chapter

President:  David Strong
Past President: Charles Morehead
Treasurer: John Earl Campbell
Secretary: Joseph Kashi
National Board Representative: Jeff S. Abers
National Board Representative: William Clayton
Membership Chair:  Howard Pomerantz 

Jacksonville Chapter

President: Curry G. Pajcic
President Elect: James L. D'Andrea
Treasurer: Corrine C. Hodak
Secretary: Kristen M. Van der Linde
Historian: David Dunlap
Immediate Past President: Michael Tanner
National Board Rep: Thomas Edwards, Jr.
National Board Rep: John J. Schickel, Sr. 
Appointee: Wayne Hogan
Appointee: Robert A. Cole
Appointee: Joshua A. Whitman

Miami Chapter

President:  James J. Nosich
President Elect: Jeffrey R. Davis
Treasurer: Norman Waas
Secretary: Deborah J. Gander
Membership Chair: Christopher E. Knight
Past President: Manuel  “Alex”  Reboso

North Florida Chapter

President:  Mark A. Avera
Present Elect: Jennifer Cates Lester

Northwest Florida Chapter

President: Robert Palmer
Immediate Past President: Joseph A. Zarzaur
Treasurer: Virginia Buchanan
Past President: Brent Bradley

Palm Beach Chapter

President: Hubert S. McGinley
Past President: Laurie Adams
President Elect: Reed Kellner
Vice President: Rebecca Leigh Brock
Treasurer: Eric Hoecker
Historian: Chubby Damsel
Membership Chair: Robert Rubin
National Board Representative: William W. Price
National Board Representative: William Ramsey
Executive Director: Kathleen Cleveland

Sarasota/Bradenton Chapter

President:  Derek Reams
Past President: Laurie S. Zimmerman
Treasurer: Herbert H. Hoffman, II
National Board Representative:  Robert G. Lyons

Southwest Florida Chapter

President: Kevin Crews
Past President: Kristin Woolam
Treasurer: Ty Roland
Secretary: Evan Lubell
Historian: Sharon Hanlon 

Tallahassee Chapter

President: Sidney Matthew
Treasurer:  Christopher Barkas
Board Member: Lisa Magill Foran
Board Member: Donald Hinkle
Board Member: Kathy Maus

Tampa Bay Chapter

President: Kevin McLaughlin
Past President: Honorable Daniel Sleet
President Elect: George E. Nader
Vice President: Chandra Miller
Treasurer: Christopher Schulte
Secretary:  Matthew S. Mudano
Membership Chair: Weston F. Smith
National Board Representative:  C. Howard Hunter

Chapter News

The Central Florida Chapter's next dinner meeting will be held on May 23, 2018.

David King and his Law Firm 11/8/17


David King and Joe Amos 11/8/17


David King and Judge Edwards 11/8/17


Judge and Marcia Edwards 11/8/17


Judge Edwards Speaking on 11/8/17


Scott Kirk and Judge Edwards 11/8/17


The Fort Lauderdale Chapter held its Third Annual Professionalism and Civility Seminar at The Broward Center For The Performing Arts. The seminar featured panels of experienced civil judges and trial lawyers who discussed their top pet peeves of what goes on from calendar call through post-trial motions. There was great discussion amongst the panel members and our audience regarding numerous issues all trial lawyers and judges face every day. The chapter's June meeting was a well-attended social event, and the speaker at the chapter’s April meeting was very well received and his presentation on 3-D technology including printing may well be of interest to other chapters.

The ABOTA Jacksonville Chapter joined the Trial Lawyers Section of the Florida Bar to present a two day Teachers' Law School in Jacksonville on January 26-27, 2017. The event was attended by approximately 70 teachers. Also in attendance were several administrators from the Duval County Public Schools as well as a Duval County School Board member. 



For the 4th consecutive year, the Miami Chapter sponsored a James Otis program at Miami Dade College North Campus. Below are some pictures from our 3rd event where we transported over 400 high school students. This year, we transported 450-550 who engaged with Circuit Court Judges Alan Fine and George Sarduy. The program was held in coordination with Miami Dade County Public Schools. Students who pose the most challenging questions to our panel judges received medals. On the calendar is an October Judicial Luncheon. A recent program focused on the impact of impartiality of the judiciary, and more than 50 people were in attendance at the chapter's June quarterly meeting where the Judge who attended the National Jury Summit was the featured speaker alongside a representative of the Jacksonville Legal Aid Society.

Additionally, conducted our Teacher's Law School event, again at Miami Dade College North Campus. Our partnership with Miami Dade County Schools, and in particular their coordinator, Dr. Sherrilyn Scott, resulted in exception to the rule from our prior years. Miami Dade County Schools has a teacher work day where the teachers can select a program to participate in for continuing education, and the school board does not have to pay for substitute teachers. We have annually held our Teachers Law School on those dates.

This year, we had Supreme Court Justice Fred Lewis participate in light of his devotion and recognition in teaching civics. He was honored and very desirous of having the opportunity to do so. He was joined by Circuit Court Judges Peter Lopez and Dennis Murphy along with ABOTA's National Youth Coordinator, Anthony Paglonia and ABOTA's President Elect for 2015, Chuck Baumberger. We had close to 200 teachers be in attendance for this program.

The Miami Chapter transports high school students on a monthly basis to our Third District Court of Appeal to hear oral arguments and meet post argument with the members of the Court. Our members also volunteer to meet with the students to review the briefs and the legal issues before the oral argument and after. Last year we had over 400 students attend oral arguments and this year we are doubling our efforts with the blessing and consent of the Third District Court of Appeal's Chief Judge Shepherd. This year we brought students from two schools per month to the same oral argument for an approximate total of 75 students per month. Thanks to these efforts, 525 students will participate and be exposed to this unique legal process. Here are some pictures of the event:

A Miami Chapter Teachers' Law School

Chaired by Peter Baumberger and Charles Watkins with featured speakers, Judge Spencer Eig and FLABOTA member Charles Baumberger:

The Miami Chapter hosted a Civility & Professionalism presentation at St. Thomas University. These pictures were taken by the Teresita Chavez Pedrosa, Esq., STU’s Outreach Coordinator and Career Counselor.

On Tuesday August 11, 2015 from 12:15- 1:45 PM, the North Florida Abota Chapter, through the efforts of Bob Stripling and Eric Leach of the Jacksonville Chapter, will be presenting a “Civility Matters” program for the Fall 2015 entering class at UF Law School as part of their Orientation. As in the past, it will be in honor and in memory of Joe Milton. We want to make this a Chapter Event in order to show the presence and importance of ABOTA in the North Florida legal community. Flabota is urging all members of the North Florida Chapter to make best efforts to attend this brief program. There will be 317 entering first year law students and 50 upper level law students who serve as student ambassadors present. We will be permitted to have as many as 15 Abota members present. If you know of a prospective member, feel free to nominate that person to attend as our guest, so they can see the worthy activities Abota initiates. We expect that there will be opportunity to interact informally with the students after the program should you choose to do so. The program will be fun, informative, and a service to the legal community.

The program will be on campus at the Grand Ballroom of the J. Wayne Reitz Union, located at 655 Reitz Union Drive, Gainesville, Florida 32611. See the link below for directions and parking:

Please RSVP to the undersigned no later than August 5, 2015 as we must present a list of those who will be attending to the Law School. Attendance at this program will be a win/win for the North Florida chapter, Flabota, and the 366 law students who will be in the audience. Let’s show the legal community what Abota members are and what we can accomplish!

The Palm Beach Chapter An annual summer Judicial Appreciation Bar-B-Q invites the judges, court deputies, and judicial assistants and all of their families for a fun afternoon with awards and appreciation. The chapter sent Judge Gross to the National Jury Summit; provided job shadowing opportunities for students at the Palm Beach Lakes High School Law Magnet program at the 4th DCA, allowing students to hear oral argument; and looks forward to a "roast" of retiring judges. Seven judicial investitures have taken place, with two to follow. The chapter has also responded to Unfair Criticism.

Constitution Day in Palm Beach County
November Chapter Meeting of Palm Beach Chapter

The Miami Chapter is proud to present scholarships to law students at the University of Miami, St. Thomas University and Florida International University.

This year's James Otis Lecture:  T.B.A.

This year's Teachers Law School:  T.B.A.

The Sarasota Chapter Current President of FLABOTA Jeffrey Goodis joins the Sarasota Chapter with an evening of bowling to meet prospective new members in the month of September 2016.


The Tallahassee Chapter is proud to share pictures from their awards ceremony ABOTA Reception as follows:

For the 2016 Civility Plaintiffs Attorney the winner was Jon D. Caminez (posthumous) his daughter April Bentley attended and accepted the award for her father.

For the 2016 Jurist of the Year the winner was the Honorable Charles Dodson

The Chapter presented the 2015 President Marsha Lyons with her Plaque for her service 

More than 300 individuals recently attended the Tampa Bay Chapter's Professionalism and Civility Seminar. The program is so well done that Pinellas and Hillsborough County Courthouses close on the day of the seminar, and staff is required to attend. The program is also simulcast.