ABOTA boasts more than 6,700 members nationwide. As an invitation-only association, members must exhibit the principles of courtroom civility, integrity and professionalism over the course of their legal profession. Members must have tried at least 10 civil jury trials to conclusion and possess additional litigation experience. It is widely accepted that to be invited to join ABOTA is a prestigious honor for individuals of stellar character and in-depth experience within the legal profession.

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Ten Reasons Why ABOTA is Unique

  1. ABOTA is the only Bar organization that, by charter, must be evenly split between plaintiff and defense lawyers.
  2. When you belong, you belong to three distinct groups: your local chapter, the statewide organization, and the national organization.
  3. All members contribute to the ABOTA Foundation, which is the educational arm of the group.
    • The ABOTA Foundation provides blue-ribbon continuing legal education programs for lawyers nationwide.
    • The Foundation provides youth education to middle school teachers and students nationwide. The award winning “Justice by the People” program for schools helps change perceptions of lawyers and trials starting at the grade school level.
  4. ABOTA is the only organization that has, as its stated goal, the preservation of the civil jury trial system (part and parcel of which is the preservation of an independent judiciary).
  5. Members must have tried at least 10 civil jury trials to conclusion and possess additional litigation experience. Only those lawyers with the highest levels experience, ethics and professionalism are invited and accepted as members.
  6. Because of all of the foregoing, ABOTA is the organization most likely to be called upon by the judiciary (locally, statewide and nationally) to address issues that impact on Seventh Amendment rights.
  7. ABOTA is at the forefront of responding to unfair criticism of judges and recognizing judges who show extraordinary courage in their decisions.
  8. ABOTA is the founding sponsor of the Journalist Law School held at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, where reporters, producers and editors from across the United States learn a broad range of legal topics.
  9. ABOTA sponsors the National Jury Summit to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the jury trial.
  10. ABOTA sponsors the American Civil Trial Bar Roundtable, which promotes open dialogue, forums and discussions through a series of meetings of representatives from the most significant law or Bar associations representing diverse viewpoints.